Welcome Sina!

Meet Sina Jafarzadeh who joined BiNAREE as a Lead Designer from Germany!! Sina is very tall and has a cool mustache. Also, very very very nice haha 😀    What’s your background? I studied Media and Computer Science with a minor in Art and Design, because I was always fascinated with digital games and wanted... Continue Reading →


Shoestring Budget Travel! Enjoy Seoul on 10 Dollars! (From Imagine Your Korea)

Click here to go to the website! Landscape of Olympic Park Traveling overseas may seem expensive, but it's also possible to enjoy a full vacation on a limited budget. Seoul, in particular, is a popular city to visit, thanks to the multitude of free or nearly free attractions, as well as the plethora of good... Continue Reading →

Welcome Amir!

Meet Amir Avate who joined BiNAREE as a QA  from India, Pune 🙂 Amir is a very cheerful and gentle guy who has a very warm smile!      What’s your background? I studied Commerce(Business) but that’s not what I wanted to do with my life. It was always about video games. I’ve had strong... Continue Reading →

Look where Giant went!

Wonder where our BiNAREE members are spending their times for their Summer Vacation! Hey Nik! I heard you are in Jeju Island! Just stopped by to see if you are having fun 😉 Just don't do so risky things...!   Whewwwwww! It's hotter than I thought here, but I guess it's worth coming! Look at... Continue Reading →

Company Vacation

BiNAREE is having a company vacation day on August 14th. As August 15th is Korea's National Liberation Day, we are having a sandwich holiday 🙂 Yay!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Petar!

Meet Petar Milivojevic who joined BiNAREE as an Art Director from Serbia 🙂 Petar is full of energy and WOW he is an idea machine!   What’s your background? My background is both traditional art and digital, basically I was drawing since I can remember 😀 What are your previous careers? I was working most... Continue Reading →

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