Welcome Irene!

Meet Irene who joined BiNAREE as our Project Manager from Korea 🙂

Irene is an intelligent and lively young woman! Excited to get to know more each other 😀


What’s your background?

I majored Food Nutrition at Sungshing W.uni and Food Engineering at Dongkuk Uni.

Of course, I have a majors that are not related to what I do now.


What are your previous careers?

I’ve worked Government funding project and support starts-up projects at Korean Angel Business Associate.


Can you tell us about your position and what your role would be in BiNAREE?

My position is Project Manager. I deal with investment and strategy at BiNAREE, and make sure that we are an attractive option for AR/VR investors!


What do you love about your work?

Meeting people from diverse fields and managing government projects.

Also make money for BiNAREE (ex, government funding or another investment… hahaha.)


Favorite thing about BiNAREE?

We are preparing to install VR Driving Kit in Gwang-Gyo office!! I am expecting that is the most exciting thing in BiNAREE.


What do you mostly do during your spare time?

Spent time with friends or go out for a walk with my dog.


Any recent game that you’ve been playing?

Dragon merge, Cooking adventure, Gardenscapes, Emoji Blitz..

I’ve always said that I do not like games… but i think i love games.


Favorite food?

평양 냉면(cold noodle) is the first, rice noodle is the second.


Favorite animal?

My dog, Nuri!


Beer or Wine?

Both! Actually all kind of alcohols are my favorite except soju.


Any goals you want to accomplish in BiNAREE?

Attracting successful investment!



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