Welcome Heewon!

Meet Heewon who joined BiNAREE as a Designer from Korea 🙂

Heewon is very upbeat and has bright energy! Like her pinkish hair color >_<


What’s your background?

I majored in Indurstrial Design at Ewha University.


What are your previous careers?

I’ve worked as Game Designer for NCSOFT.


What do you love about your work?

I love Games, so how come I don’t love creating game.


Favorite thing about BiNAREE?

I also love coffee and beer. The coffee machine in the office is awesome! Having a beer time with everyone is my favorite so far.


What do you mostly do during your spare time?

Though I am not a good player, I usually play League of Legend, and sometimes reading books.


Recent game that you’ve been playing?

Recently, Kakao Sacheonsung(카카오 사천성) for mobile, LoL and Don’t Starve for PC.


Favorite food?

Korean Cold Noodle(냉면) is my no.1 Food. Tobokki(떡볶이) is the second.


Favorite animal?

Cats! MEOW!


Beer or Wine?

Beer! Blanc!


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