Welcome Sina!

Meet Sina Jafarzadeh who joined BiNAREE as a Lead Designer from Germany!!

Sina is very tall and has a cool mustache. Also, very very very nice haha 😀   

What’s your background?

I studied Media and Computer Science with a minor in Art and Design, because I was always fascinated with digital games and wanted to have the exposure to the different disciplines associated to creating games and become a… drumroll… GAME DESIGNER 🙂

My favorite game designers back then were highly influential in the 80s/90s and were able to act in design/engineering/art (Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, David Perry, Yu Suzuki), sooo naturally I wanted to be ambitious in my education 😀

What are your previous careers?

After my studies in Germany, I had to honor to work with Will Wright in his entertainment think tank in the San Francisco Bay Area to work on various new IPs. After that I worked as the Lead Designer on one of the established projects there. San Francisco was very influential creatively and artistically and I enjoyed my time there and met great people. I then decided to work on my own artistic indie game to use all the things I learned in life. After working some time in the London area in a mobile studio, I got the opportunity to move to Seoul and experience South Korea and its people and culture! Super excited about it and I’m sure that it will be a huge influence for me as well 🙂

What do you love about your work?

It is a great challenge and is mixing creativity, art and technology with the goal to engage and entertain people and make the game part of their life. In addition it is the potential to act in a fairly young medium and take part in its development!

Favorite thing about BiNAREE?

There are so many favorite things… Everyone is very kind and passionate, there are people from around the world and everyone is fun to interact with!

Is Korea your first time to visit? So far, how do you feel?

It is my first time in Korea and I have already fallen in love with Seoul. I have explored many areas within the first days and there is soooo much more to explore and the people are kind and welcoming!

Recent game that you’ve been playing?

On mobile: Ticket to Earth, Clash Royale, Monument Valley 2, Angry Birds Match

On console: Oxenfree, Final Fantasy XV, Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, ADR1FT

Favorite food?

Spicy Thai Curry

Favorite animal?

Pandas, Lions and Penguins

Beer or Wine?

Ginger Beer 😛


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