Welcome Irene!

Meet Irene who joined BiNAREE as our Project Manager from Korea 🙂 Irene is an intelligent and lively young woman! Excited to get to know more each other 😀   What’s your background? I majored Food Nutrition at Sungshing W.uni and Food Engineering at Dongkuk Uni. Of course, I have a majors that are not... Continue Reading →


Welcome Heewon!

Meet Heewon who joined BiNAREE as a Designer from Korea 🙂 Heewon is very upbeat and has bright energy! Like her pinkish hair color >_<   What’s your background? I majored in Indurstrial Design at Ewha University.   What are your previous careers? I’ve worked as Game Designer for NCSOFT.   What do you love... Continue Reading →

Welcome Sina!

Meet Sina Jafarzadeh who joined BiNAREE as a Lead Designer from Germany!! Sina is very tall and has a cool mustache. Also, very very very nice haha 😀    What’s your background? I studied Media and Computer Science with a minor in Art and Design, because I was always fascinated with digital games and wanted... Continue Reading →

Welcome Amir!

Meet Amir Avate who joined BiNAREE as a QA  from India, Pune 🙂 Amir is a very cheerful and gentle guy who has a very warm smile!      What’s your background? I studied Commerce(Business) but that’s not what I wanted to do with my life. It was always about video games. I’ve had strong... Continue Reading →

Look where Giant went!

Wonder where our BiNAREE members are spending their times for their Summer Vacation! Hey Nik! I heard you are in Jeju Island! Just stopped by to see if you are having fun 😉 Just don't do so risky things...!   Whewwwwww! It's hotter than I thought here, but I guess it's worth coming! Look at... Continue Reading →

Company Vacation

BiNAREE is having a company vacation day on August 14th. As August 15th is Korea's National Liberation Day, we are having a sandwich holiday 🙂 Yay!!!!!!!!!

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