New Updates (ver. 1.4.3)

Version 1.4.3

Today’s update for version 1.4.3 includes new additions, improvements, and some balance changes. And, here’s a brief overview!
New Additions!
  • Mine Trap – new defensive building that triggers upon impact with zombies damaging them
  • Instant Button – automatically finishes all reinforcements
Usability Improvements!
  • Quarantine Station – now allows overpopulation for bought Refugees
  • Workshop & Quarantine Refugee – are now automatically assigned once accepted to the site
  • All Buildings – now show buildings recovering after being attacked
  • Zombies – have a new visual effect for slow & attracted zombies
  • Refugee Behavior – Refugees now wander aimlessly around the home site!
Balance Changes!
  • Zombie – normal walk speed increased overall
  • Cannon / Under Tree – decreased the slow effect
  • Smoke Bomb – now disables only one building / reduced the required power
  • Blood Bomb – reduced the required power
  • Shotgun – decreased the knock-back effect
Download the 1.4.3 version from the app store and find out what’s new!

BiNAREE wishes you a pleasant break ✌︎

This week in our studio, our Marketing Manager, Rachel and Young Min who is a 3D Artist, are going for a week vacation! Rachel is traveling to Italy and Young Min is going to US! So jealous☹ Hope you guys have a great time there and be safe.

Going to miss you!


New Updates (ver. 1.3.1)

Version 1.3.1:

Today’s update for version 1.3.1 includes visual changes, improvements, and some balance changes.
Visual changes!

  • Visual upgrades to Chemical Sprinkler to match its power.

Usability improvements!

  • Players can now see upgrade & research icons when they are ready to be upgraded.
  • A handy button is now available for when the Ice Cream Truck is in the site, so you don’t have to follow the truck all the time.
  • Scout mode now shows a better representation of Refugee assignment status.

Balance Changes!

  • Decreased seat space and HP for Crawler
  • Decreased seat space and HP for Airborne
  • Changed the damage pattern for Machine Gun
  • Increased knock-back effect for Shotgun
  • Decreased HP for Guard Tower

Dawn of Pale Lands: Character Design

We have conducted the second interview with Young-min who is the character designer of ‘Pale Lands’. If you have not read the first interview named ‘Concept and Prototyping of Pale Lands’, please click here.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Young-min. Can you take a moment to give us a quick background of your career?

Sure. I started off my career freelancing as a 3D modeler for production houses in NYC working on various commercials. I did that for a few years, then I moved to Fox Business creating show opens and all sorts of animations. Even though it was a good job, I really wanted to do characters, so I left that job and made the jump to games and landed here at BiNAREE.

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Dawn of Pale Lands : concept and prototyping

Zombie Herd.pngSince the release of the Soft Launch is nearby, we have decided on how we can show ‘Pale Lands’ to mobile gamers worldwide. We have conducted some interviews with the people dedicated to producing ‘Pale Lands’. The whole making stories were beyond our expectations, and these will be posted in series twice a month on the blog before the global release. Also, we showcased the extraordinary people in BiNAREE, like developers, designers or artists. The first interview is about ‘Concept and Prototyping of Pale Lands’ with the CEO, CCO and Lead Game Designer of BiNAREE. We hope the interviews can give readers the deep insights of the game-play.

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